P38 Range Rover Central Locking Door Lock Actuator CDL Switch Test Part 1 E-mail
CDL switch test: The Diagram below shows the old and new style plugs. On the early type some of the wires may have a black trace. ie Red/Black Blue/Black. The main colour always remains the same.
The door lock actuator I have used for the test is from a drivers door.

Carry out all tests with the Door Lock Actuator Plugs disconnected

The passenger door Lock actuator does not have the Key switch part of the mechanism so the white wire will be missing.

This test can done with the lock in situ. I have removed it from the door purely for clarity.

Place your probes into the back of the connectors. If you do not have a set of probes that will fit you can use a paper clip and then clip your probe onto that. You may be successful, if you have small crocodile clips, clipping them on to the face of the pins.

Switch your voltmeter to Continuity or Resistance
Move the CD switch downwards and you will see your meter show open circuit.
If your meter shows anything else then the switch or the actuator arm inside is faulty.

P38 Range Rover Central Locking Door Lock actuator CDL Swtch Test

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