P38 Range Rover Central Locking Door Adjar Switch Test Part 1 E-mail
The Door Ajar Switch tells the central locking control in the becm what state the door is in IE. open or closed. If a door ajar switch becomes faulty then the central locking will malfunction.

Common problems are:
The battery going flat due to the becm constantly switching states. (sleep/awake)
A knock on effect from this can be an Eka or Key code lockout.

The puddle lamps will flash or stay on permanently as the becm thinks a door is open.
The Air suspension will fail to rise as again the becm will think a door is open.
The instrument cluster will report a door is open.

Carry out all tests with the Door Lock Actuator Plugs disconnected
Switch your voltmeter to Continuity or Resistance
With the Door Ajar switch unlatched or in the open position your meter will show continuity or near
0 ohms Resistance.
If your meter shows anything else then the switch or the actuator arm inside is faulty.


P38 Range Rover Central Locking Door Ajar Switch

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