P38 Range Rover Petrol Engine Management (Gems) E-mail
The Gems Petrol Engine Management is located at the back of the battery compartment. The Gems Control unit (Generic Engine Management System), boy I bet it took some time to think of that name, is fitted to the P38 Range Rover from 1995-1999.

This is repeated the same as per the Diesel Ecu. Remove the 2 self tappers from the case lid. Once removed you will see the Gems control unit. Each of the 3 plugs can be removed by pressing in the tang and pull upwards on the plug. The Ecu itself will slide out of its holder. Some times the white plug inserts will lodge themselves in the ecu Plug Socket. Carefully lift them out and place back into the face of Plug on the wiring loom.

Shown below are some of the important pins that need to be tested when your range rover does not start or has running faults.


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