P38 Range Rover Petrol Engine Management (Bosh Motronic) E-mail
The Bosch Motronic Engine management is located on the right hand side of the bulkhead behind the Air suspension compressor Compartment. It is fitted to P38 Range Rovers from 1999
P38 Range Rover bosch Motronic Engine Management

To remove the Engine Ecu, lift the 2 tabs on the top of the plastic compartment. The front of the box will then open. Lift the front cover upwards and outwards. There are 2 locating pegs on the bottom of this front cover. The Ecu is located in the front cover, held in by plastic tangs.

Remove the Loom rubber grommet from the opening in the cover and release the Ecu plugs. Check the Plugs and the Ecu pins for signs of water damage. This later Ecu compartment is no where near as good as the Gems or the Edc one and easily lets water in from over the top of the Bonnet seal.

 P38 Range Rover Bosh Motronic Ecu Pinout Information
Its not that clear in the image but this Ecu has water at the base of the pins. It is worth checking for this even if you don't have to remove the Ecu, Spraying Something like Duck oil or Wd40 all around electrical connections under the bonnet works wonders for preventing faults as this little unit isn't cheap.

P38 Range Rover Bosch Motronic Plug C0634
P38 Range Rover Bosch Motronic Plug C0635
P38 Range Rover Bosch Motronic Plug C0636
P38 Range Rover Bosch Motronic Plug C0637
P38 Range Rover Bosch Motronic Plug C0638


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