Sending your Becm for Test E-mail


Procedure to send your Becm:

All repairs are now carried out in Perth Australia and there are 2 options for sending it there.


1: You can send your Becm yourself if you have a reliable courier service or

2: Collection can be arranged through DHL


Postage times are taking on average 3-5 days from around the world with DHL.

When you are ready to send your Becm, collection will be arranged through DHL and You will be sent a shipment request email.


From the Email you type your address details in and select a pickup time suitable for yourself. Your Becm is then collected on the arranged date. You will have a consignement note and tracking number once it has been picked up and you can then track it every step of the way on the DHL website


You will be contacted, by your preferred method, as soon as your Becm arrives.


Click here for contact details to send your Becm for a Test






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